Status of Women in Present Society
Jonali Hazarika
Lecturer (B.Ed.)

    When people talk about the status of women in the society, it is always expected that women should be like a women. And now what is the image of a women? In Indian society, a women should always possess some qualities i.e. she should be emotional, nurturing, caring and motherly. If such qualities are possessed by any women she can expect some respect from the society. But while the same woman raise voice for equal rights in the family or society or in the work place, she loses her dignity and she is adorned with many negative comments.
    Gender inequality prevails amongst all people irrespective of class, caste, creed or religion. Inequalities and deprivation are inseparable in the life of a woman. Life’s basics are often inaccessible to a large extent for an Indian woman.
    It seems to be a curse to born as a girl in an Indian society. Still now the birth rate of girl child is less than boys. Although banned, many society still is in practice of female focticide, identifications of sex before birth and killing of girl child are still prevails in Indian society.
    Another discrimination canbe observed in the health factor. Women in India still stanggkle for health due to some traditional cultural practices. They receieve less nutrition than men in their child-hood which results ancmia and other health related weaknesses.
    If we look into the matter deeply we can see that such discriminations prevails  against women in india due to the patriarchal social system where man is the solely inportant person just after God and women are born to serve the man. Thus, it nests in the mind of every Indian that it is the boy who has the right to access all the facilities of a society, not a girl. A boy is always prioritized in different sectors of Indian society basically in Economy, Policy making, religion and education.
    In case of Economy, womens labour is yet to be justified. Even now, the wage of a woman is less than the wage of a man. On the otherhand, the house-hold work of Indian women such as child rearing, elder care, domestic works etc. are not paid and hence their effort and energy and time spent on such works are not justified. Although do hard labour, neither their labour is counted in G.D.P. calculations, nor accounted as important for house-hold economy. Instead, it negatively impact on women’s social status and financial independence.
    Similarly those who work in Govt. or non govt. or private institutions, offices etc. have to struggle a bit more. These women struggle a lot in their work places as well as in their own houses to maintain balance between houshold activities and jobs. Many of such women’s life becomes a mess of both and face different types of physical and mental imbalances
    Similarly, women’s view’s are not esteemed high. In case of taking decision in household matters women’s views or opinions are rarely respected.
    Place of women in any religion in India is always esteemed very low. They are treated as helper of men. No women is seen to be achieved the highest position in any religion. They are compelled to follow the believs and worships of their male counter-part.
    With the advent of all these hardships of life, women do not get equal opportunity to enjoy freedom. She cannot walk alone, cannot move any where of their own, can not take any decision for house-hold matters, family members etc. cannot do anything of her own interest, There are so many don’ts moving around her that she sometimes even cannot feel that she is used by her male counter-parts, cheated by her kins and also deprived by the society.
    Women in the present era too are not free from the discrimination, deprivation as in the ages passed. If not so, why we often hear cases like burnt or killed or harrassments for dowry, cases of maltreatment for the false belief like dainy/witehes, child abuses, female focticicle etc. Why do we not see equal distribution of parental property among sons and daughters? Why do women face the fear of losing the shelter of parcental home after marriage? Why do girls are criticized more than boys for the same guilt? And why do women need to celebrate women’s day?
    If women are getting equal rights and opportunities like a man than there is no need for a day like women’s day, they do not need any kind of reservation or any special attention. All such speciality, reservation or celebrations show it clearly that gender discriminations still prevails in our society.
    Satabdi Roy, an honourable member of parliament has told a story in the parliament of the Eve of eight march to descrive the present status of Indian women in society, in the mindset of people. The story itself described the overall conditions on women–her position in the family, status in the society.A child asks his father : 
Child : What is freedom papa?
Father : Freedom means rights of doing something independently, taking decision of ones own.
Child : Who can enjoy freedom?
Father : Everyone, in an independent country.
Child : Can I take decision of my own?
Father : Now you are a child, when you will be a grown up person, you will be able to take decision of your own.
Child : .....Then, when will my mother be grown up?
    And this all about the status of Indian women.